About Steve McCarthy

Don't let my experience happen to you! 

Will you have the photo's to keep your memories alive as you and your loved ones get older? Will you have those treasured heirlooms to pass down to your children and grandchildren?

I'm a Northern Kentucky Native and Covington Catholic Alumni. My early formal training in the U.S. Navy resulted in an IT Professional who got results. The Navy also taught me attention to detail, proper troubleshooting and thinking outside the box. After I retired from the Navy, I moved to Florida where I met my wife in 2003 and we adopted our beautiful daughter in 2005 at the age of 5 months. Shooting Weddings since 2008, I love capturing those love stories in Southwest Florida, Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.

Of my childhood and high school years, there are only 3 photo's that I have of that entire part of my life.  That's all, 3.  I look back now after having my own family, and have promised them and myself that I will not let that happen to us.  I take photographs every chance I get and they have ignited the flame inside me for capturing once in a lifetime memories through my photographs.  As my wife and I grow older, we surround ourselves with memories, Our daughter will be able to look back over her lifetime and be able to show her family one day, the story of our lives through the photos I take. These aren't just sitting on a CD or thumb drive in a drawer, or lost in some folder on the computer. These are in beautiful wall portraits, heirloom albums and framed photographs that we can enjoy every single day.

I started in photography in my junior year of high school, back in the days of film and gained experience working in a darkroom processing film.  I moved from using some early SLR manual cameras with 2 lenses, to early film point and shoot cameras.  I did that for many years shooting slides and film.  I progressed in my abilities as I traveled the world in the Navy, but I really didn't take the big, serious plunge until my family came along. 

After that, I immersed myself in my rekindled passion, reading everything I could find, taking extra courses from local and well known photographers. I supplemented that knowledge with online courses to help me with the latest trends and to be the most proficient I can be at the technical aspects of photography as well as the artistic. I have invested in excellent Canon DSLR cameras, lenses and other equipment and know how to use them.  As an IT professional, I know too how to safeguard my digital photo's with multiple backup strategies and using the cloud. Affiliating with some of the top professional photography associations provides me with further training and mentoring.

I love to photograph my family, air shows, vacation, travel, sports and just about anything. I do have a great passion for shooting Weddings, Portraits, Events, Family Photos and Headshots. 

I will shoot your wedding, portraits, or event with the same passion and attention to detail that I shoot my own family's pictures.  I know first hand how important they are, now, in the moment, and in years to come.  I probably won't be the least expensive photographer out there, but I won't be the most expensive either.  I will promise though, that I will give you a great value for your money, pay attention to even the smallest details and do my utmost to provide you with an exceptional experience! 

Thank you